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Water Ambiences, Soundscape and VideoInstallation @ 2012 Bärbel Neu

Fractal Cycles, Music/Ecerpt01 of Film of Baerbel Neubauer @ 2010 Bärbel Neu

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                            Music, soundscape, score  LIST OF WORKS Bärbel Neubauer 


- not listing the soundtracks for films of the 80ies. 


1988  Music and sound SONDERANGEBOT  (Special Offer) 10:00  

          story telling animation, 16mm

1990 Music and sound ZWEI BESTE FREUNDINNEN   (Two Best Friends) 12:00 

         Story telling animation film, mixed techniques, 16mm Predicate „wertvoll“

1990  Music MONDFINSTERNIS   (Lunar Eclipse) 4:00 

         Story telling painted animation film, 16mm

1991  Music and sound  DROP    (Drop)  0:30   

         Spot, animation film, mixed techniques, 16mm 

1991  Music and sound   MORGENSTUND´    (Morning Hour) 4:00 

         Experimental story telling animation film, 16mm 

1991  Sound  IM DUNKELN  IST GUT MUNKELN   (When It´s Dark It Is Easy

        To Whisper), 4:00 Partly  abstract film: painted on 16mm blank film


1992  Audio Musikkassette "Reisemusik"   


1992  Soundtrack/Music and Soundscape for "Bergwandern auf Mallorca" 

         Prodution Aubele Films

1993  Music SAMSTAG NACHMITTAG   (Saturday Afternoon) 3:11

         direct animation film: painted on blank film, 35mm

         Predicate „Besonders wertvoll“

1994  Music ALGORITHMEN   (Algorithems)   3:17

         Abstract direct animation film: painted and stamped on blank film, 35mm

         Predicate „wertvoll“

1996  Music FALTER-SPOT 7  (Falter-Spot 7)  0:30

         Abstract direct animation film: painted and stamped on blank film, 35mm

         Commercial for the city magazine „Falter“ in Vienna

         Production: Mag. Hubert Sielecki, Image & sound: Baerbel Neubauer

1996  Music ROOTS   (Roots)  3:42

         Abstract direct animation film: painted and stamped on blank film, 35mm

         Predicate „Besonders wertvoll“

         Zagreb´96: „Best Abstract Film“

1997  Music MONDLICHT (Moonlight)  4:11

         Abstract direct animation film: scratched on black film, 35mm

         Predicate „wertvoll“

1998  Music HOLIDAY (Holiday)   4:33  song: voice: Gudula Kinzler

         Abstract direct animation film: painted on 35mm blank film, 

         the original was used as negative

1998 Music  FEUERHAUS (Firehouse)   5:25

         Abstract direct  animation film: objects put on 35mm print stock and were

         exposed  by flashlight.  

        „Best Use Of Colour“ at Ottawa´98,  

    „Special Mention for the soundtrack" at Annecy´99,  „Special Mention“ at the Dokfestival Leipzig´99

         „Special Mention“ at the Madrid Experimental Cinama Week´99 


2000  Performance: Music, Soundscape for WAKING DREAM    0:30

         was completed together with Sachiyo Takahashi, Japan

         Performance  together with Sidney Fels, Canada, Sachiyo Takahashi  


2002  Music PASSAGE (Passage)   8:02

         Abstract direct on 35mm film animation, scratched on black film

         Music 2001-2004   FLOCKENSPIEL  I - IV      

         Digital abstract animation film in 4 parts,  all togehter 25 minutes

         computer 3D, mixed techniques.

         "Women´s cultural award for film and TV" from the country Carinthia/Austria


2004  Music CHIAVARI SPOT          0:52

          Presentationfilm for the Chiavari International Animation Festival 2004          


2008  Music AIRWAVES         10:15    

          Digital abstract animationfilm

2009  Music MORPHS OF PEGASUS  19:00 

          Digital animationfilm ©2004- 2009

2010  Music FRACTAL CYCLES  35:52

          Digital abstract animationfilm 

          Image and sound and directed by Baerbel Neubauer

          Production: baerbel neubauer filmproduction

          funded by BMUKK - Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur

          Carolin A. Ra


2010-14 Audio CD "emdr Klaenge 2" (partly in progress) MusiC CD 


2014  Music/soundscape WATER AMBIENCES   v.2  © 2014  Installation   10:16

                                HD video, 3 channels, 

                                music and soundscape commissioned by esc medien kunst labor


works in progress: audio CD

Album/ Single „Mango“ - Baerbel Neu ©2017 recordJet

with 2 Songs „Mango“ and „Hutajubu“

@Bärbel Neubauer 2017